The Real Abby - This story was almost 20 years in the making.  I wrote it when Abby was just two, but couldn't decide how to illustrate it.  I worked on it on and off over the years, trying different mediums and trying to get the character of Abby just right. After all she was pretty darn cute when she was little and I certainly needed to reflect that. The story really called for the bright, fun nature of watercolors so I am happy to say that after many different experimentations and explorations I think I finally got it right.

Today Abby is at University studying to be a nurse. She plays rugby, dances with the Celtic Dance Club and loves to travel.  She will be visiting Haiti this summer to work at a clinic, where she has visited twice before to build houses. 

I am currently fine-tuning the book "I Can Do it Myself"  inspired by her older brother James who feels a little left out at this point.

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